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Livestream shopping directly from your own ecommerce platform

You’re seeing livestream shopping everywhere - from its meteoric rise in China to Amazon and Walmart-TikTok. Now it’s here for your business. bkLIVE makes livestream shopping on your ecommerce platform easy.

Frictionless livestream sales using your cart


bkLIVE closes the gap between online and offline selling for any ecommerce solution

Go live with one person

Go live with a group

Play recorded video into your livestream

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bkLIVE is easy to implement, easy to use

Livestream shopping is the future of ecommerce. bkLIVE turns it into a simple-to-use tool to fuel your growth.


Decrease product returns from online purchases


Increase new sales and average order values (AOV)


Engage brand ambassadors, influencers and affiliates

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