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Introducing Bloo Kanoo.
Shoppable VideoConferencing, LiveStream Shopping and Shoppable Video directly from your ecommerce platform.


Works with both livestream and pre-recorded content so any video can be an interactive shopping experience

Turn your viewers into customers

Increased audience participation
Increased engagement
All the convenience of online
All the trust of in person
All from your own ecommerce platform


Shoppable Videoconferencing directly from your shopping cart


LiveStream Shopping directly from your ecommerce platform


Shoppable Video directly from your ecommerce platform

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Increase volume in each sale

The personal connection between seller and buyer stays constant. There is no ‘exit to purchase.’ With fewer hurdles to a sale, conversions rise.

Use with your existing e-commerce

Get started in hours, not months. Even the most complex custom e-commerce platforms. Since it works with what you have, there’s no time wasted learning a new system.

Grow sales even when you’re not live

Turn any video about your product into a direct shopping experience.

Give your newest sellers a jump-start

A livestream + prerecorded video + integrated shopping cart gives even the most inexperienced seller what they need to succeed.

Keep your viewers focused

With such an easy-to-use interface, your sellers can be ready to present in minutes.


I have done the hard work of increasing traffic to my site but am I leaving valuable sales on the table?

Bloo Kanoo helps you sell more and faster to people on your site by revolutionizing interactive video.

Can my video content include an active shopping cart? Livestream? Existing video? My own curated playlist?

With a shopping cart directly in your video, you can realize better than average order values, higher close rates and faster conversions.

Ready to begin?

Eliminate the gap between offline and online selling with LiveStream Shopping and Shoppable video directly on your ecommerce platform.

Supercharge Your Sales